Pointe Claire Aquatic Centre Outdoor Gym

Not so much a playground for children as it is a playground for adults (or at least 13 and over as stated on the sign).
Just a couple of years old, this Trekfit outdoor training circuit is directly in front of the aquatic centre and right beside Avenue Maywood.
The equipment is all geared towards adults, or older teens, but everyone brings their kids before/after swimming and skating.
If you bring your kids here you need to SUPERVISE THEM, as it is super close to the very busy road, and again, isn’t meant for young children.
The equipment is all stationary, unlike some other parks that we’ve seen with outdoor treadmills or rowing machines. There are signs beside most of the equipment on the circuit and everything is on poured rubber or wood chips. 
You’ll also find some benches, a picnic table, and a drinking fountain.

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