Elm Park

This park has had a few mini upgrades since our initial visit way back in 2014. A baby swing was replaced with an adaptive swing (on sand, sigh), and an old tire swing was swapped out for a new rope saucer swing from Berliner. And then again this year the older, graffiti-covered play structure was replaced with a cute castle-themed play structure. There are lots of ways up including stairs and a slanted “rock” wall, and you’ll also find interesting rungs to cross and a couple of slides. 

Nearby is a dragon spring rider, some boards for practicing balance, a stand-up spinner, a colourful rope/monkey bars/swinging stepping stones climber from Little Tikes with an infinity wall, and a bunch of baby and adult wings. You’ll also find a tall slide with stairs and a giant 3-piece dragon (sea monster?) coming out of the sand.  There’s lots to do here and if you have kids of different ages it’s pretty easy to keep an eye on them in the close-together areas.

Sand. There’s a lot of it. And while there’s a bit of shade around the south edge of the park under the trees, by afternoon it’s pretty much full sun over the entire play space. Just pretend it’s a beach!

Things to note:
-There’s some fencing but not the whole way around.
-The nearby park chalet has a bathroom that is quite reliably open, and the summer hours are in the photo gallery. 
-Everything is on sand, including the adaptive swing. Making it not-accessible. 
-A parking lot is right in front of the park. 

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