Calumet Park

We had originally planned on just going to Spring Garden Park, but after playing there, saw this park off in the distance. Score!
Just south and across the walking/biking path is Calumet Park. Great climber by GameTime with SIX slides! It’s not super toddler friendly as there are no stairs, but I was able to get him up there and then climb up myself. The slides are awesome with some having bumps, twists and turns. There’s some room to walk around once you’re up and an interesting space/planet-themed tic-tac-toe wall. All sorts of metal ladders to climb for the big kids.
Four baby and four big-kid swings, teeter-totters, and some super cute spring riders from Henderson Recreation we hadn’t seen before. The little and big one both fought over them. “There’s two of you and three things to go on. Ah!”
They finally took turns on the rocket, motorcycle and plane. Phew.

Right next door is a fun looking daycare with tons out outdoor playthings, so I had to keep bringing the little guy back over to the actual playground.
Not a whole lot of shade but enough around the edges.
Bathroom and water fountain just a skip away at the Spring Garden Park.


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