J.O.R. – Leduc Park

We headed to Lasalle on a chilly early October morning, mitts in our pockets just in case, and found this super fun playground with a still functioning splash pad. A very, very small splash pad, but perfect for a hot summer day when you want to play, run through the water, and play some more. We turned on the water just to take a video, but the little one politely declined when I asked if he wanted to go in. “Mama, NOOOOOOO!”
Next summer!

This partially fenced but NOT gated park has sections for toddlers and big kids, a small greenspace and a bare-bones basketball court.
The climbers in both areas are by Quebec-based Jambette and are fairly new, quite elaborate, and have room for plenty of kids. The splash pad is right in the middle of the park with the play areas on either side.

The big kid climber has tons of ways to get up. Ladders, metal rungs, rope ladders, foot holds, rock climbing wall; and then once you’re up you can travel around the platforms by a rope bridge (too scary for me!), through-the-air steps, monkey bars, and a spider web to reach the various slides. 
Lots of fun and challenging.

In the same sand area are big-kid swings with the basketball court just behind. (You’ll also find a drinking fountain near the entrance to the park). There are benches and picnic tables under the trees. 
Walk across the splash pad or under the wooden trellis and you’ll find the toddler section with a scaled down version of the big climber, baby swings (on very short chains), a toddler-sized 3-d “Moskito” climber, a couple of spring riders, and two see-saws. 

This climber has very easy to access stairs with a great handrail, a small-scale rope ladder, footholds, a curved plastic “rock” wall, ladders, steering wheel and binoculars, and closer-to-the ground monkey bars and rungs. The only thing that is tricky for the little ones are the three through-the-air steps (the same as on the big climber). 
My little guy loved everything and tried out every possible way up and down. 
And then he was off to explore some more!
We played on the motorcycle and horse spring riders, and then the adorable, but slightly splintery Albatross see-saws. This is the older model of this see-saw and they are now made entirely of plastic and metal. While we were wearing pants, with shorts on you’d have to be careful of the damaged wood! I’m guessing they’ll be replaced soon…

The splash pad is more like a single water feature of a tower with water sprinklers and a dumping bucket. Simple but does the job. Just watch out for the uneven and buckling concrete underneath. 

Lasalle – J.O.R.-Leduc Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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