de la Canardière Park

This was our 2nd summer and fourth time trying to take pictures at this park! It’s been packed with kids, daycamps and school kids every other time. Finally, maybe because it was freezing, we were the only ones there on a weekday morning. And even though it was late September, the water was still on in the small splash pad. Yeah! 

It’s awkward to park the car because of the bike path on de la Canardière, but I found a spot and we walked up the concrete steps and past the adorable insect house and flower garden. I’m TOTALLY going to make one of these wooden houses for my yard. And then sit down with the bugs and have a chat about personal space. 

There’s no fencing around the playground or splash pad, but it set a bit back from the road and up a small incline. It’s also bordered on two sides by the elementary school yard (which itself has a pretty cool looking play structure!)

The two climbers are by Kompan and include a small one for toddlers (without stairs) but which has a mini climbing wall, slide rope ladder and a ground level ledge; and the larger Kuma model made of ropes and climbing apparatus. There is a Kompan spring rider, a little hammock swing, and the close-to-the-ground “boat” Navigator that my little guy loves. We pretended it was a garbage truck and I was given the task of running around and throwing it all on the “truck”. 

There is also stand-alone 360° Typhoon Slide by Miracle Recreation and big and baby swings. The baby swings are on the shortest chains ever so don’t have a lot of Oomph.

No shade on the sand areas but there’s a large gazebo with benches and a whole bunch of picnic tables with small trees. 

The small splash pad by Vortex  has a dumping bucket, a beautiful flower with cascading water, two ground jets and water cannons. Just enough to satisfy kids on a hot summer day. 

-The splash pad is on from 9am-8pm daily. Press the sensors to turn on the water. 

Vaudreuil-Dorion – Parc de la Canardière Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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