Noël-Nord Park

After visiting Noël-Sud Park, we jumped back in the car and drove the 2 minutes to this park just north of the train tracks. We’d really enjoyed the South Park and this one was also really interesting with completely different equipment. 
We parked in the small lot just off Boulevard Toupin, (and watched a train go by!) then walked past the community garden and the pool. You could also park on the street right on Rue Baker which is right directly beside the playground. 

The playground features climbers by Kompan and the toddler model here is one of our favourites. There are wide platforms to climb, small slides, a mini rock climbing wall, ground level hammock, rope wall, binoculars and more to discover all over the toddler-friendly climber. In the sand below are various spring riders, a sand shovel, big and baby swings, and the Kompan Navigator boat. We pretended it was a garbage truck (the latest obsession) and I drove while the little one ran around collecting “garbage” (rocks)

There are two challenging big-kid structures:  a rope and metal Kompan structure and a GameTime Xscape climbing/swinging course. Big kids can test out their upper body strength while swinging from ropes to bars. There is also a stand-alone twirly slide, some spinning seats, a skateboard balance board from Germany-based Conlastic, and a very modern teeter-totter. 

We were too early in the morning to check out the wading pool and splash pad but it looks cute with water cannons, a pelican fountain and a froggy mister.  Because it is a wading pool within the pool perimeters it has different hours than the unsupervised splash pads. You can check HERE for the times. 

It was nice to have two parks so close together, my only complaint with this one is that the play equipment is very close to the road, and while there is a small stone fence, there are many openings that “runners” will be able to reach in no time. 

You can find the pool and wading pool/splash pad  schedule and info HERE.

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