Joannette Park

EDIT Summer 2024: This park is getting completely redone. Read more about it HERE

After visiting Poirier Park not too far away, we were heading home and came across this park with the creative Bloqx 3 rock climber by Kompan. 
New since 2017 is the beautiful new mural “Ettennaoj” by Jason Botkin. (photos in the gallery). You can read more about the work HERE

Further down the path there’s an interesting rope obstacle course that has places from which to climb, balance and swing; a small toddler climber that’s seen better days; 2 baby swings; a very small splash pad (more like a splash spot); benches and picnic tables; and a pretty gazebo with a wheelchair accessible table.

Everything is on sand except for the Bloqx climber which is on a rubber base (it is also set down a path from the other equipment). 
The toddler climber has steep, slippery stairs, a metal ladder, steering wheel, and slide. The splash pad is one (very pretty) spraying flower on a small cement base. 

It’s all quite close to the road and while there is some fencing, there are big open sections. 

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