Leroux Park

Wowzers. It’s like the playground designer for this park was going through the equipment cataloque and said “I’ll take that, and maybe that one, and…ya, add in that Jeep thing, and you know what? Let’s just add another climber and some more spring riders.”
There is SO MUCH equipment here! It’s all fairly new (2013 & 2014) and is original, creative, and fun for both big AND little kids. And then to top it all off, the park is fully-fenced and gated AND has a big water fountain play area. 

We parked on Rue Centrale just in front of the playground and walked through the gate beside the pool chalet. 
The big-kid and toddler playgrounds have pretty good sight lines, with a concrete courtyard in the middle with child-sized picnic tables, and the sunken water fountain nearer to the pool.
The big-kid area designed by Simexco is on wood chips and has a challenging and creative play structure from Playworld attached by a rope bridge to a large cable climber. There are metal rungs and ladders, a rubber bridge, rock climbing wall, tall slide, a stand-up spinny thing, and some interesting tree-themed platforms to cross. In the same area are four swings. It’s great for older kids who like climbing and swinging!

The little guy caught a glimpse of the toddler climbers and ran over, then stopped, and nearly lost his mind when he saw the Explorer spring rider by Jambette. Four seats, TWO steering wheels, and the whole thing moves. He was THRILLED.
Then he checked out the climber, then the OTHER climber, then the ride-on “caterpillar” (which I thought were a group of ghosts!), then the teeter-totters, then the spring rider “bumper car”, then the spinny disk……Seriously, there is so much stuff.
Everything here is on sand and the space is big but it IS fenced. I’d be comfortable bringing a group of toddlers here.

The climber near the jeep has stairs, a (safe) bridge, stepping stones, steering wheel, slides, a little rock climbing wall, ground level windows….it’s ridiculous. Loved it. 
In the sand below are all the spring riders, spinning seats, a little house with buckets to dump sand, TWO different swing sets with baby swings, and then….there’s another toddler structure!
This climber from Landscape Structures has stairs, an ABC climbing ramp, a rubber bridge, WORKING wall gears, steering wheel, slides, and a ground level accessible sand table
We had so. much. fun.

My only gripe would be that quite a bit of the equipment like the sand table could be fully accessible if they weren’t on sand. 

From the Borough of Lasalle webpage:
Play fountains:
NEW: Discover the splash pads at L’Aquaciel‘s playground located near Centre sportif Dollard-St-Laurent. There are 14 parks with play fountains where children can cool off and play in the water: Lawrence, Père-Marquette, Ouellette, Leroux, Hayward, Riverside, Jeannotte, Ménard, Dalmany, J.O.R.-Leduc, Lefebvre, Boivin, J.D.-Ducharme and Cavelier-de-LaSalle.
Schedule of Play fountains : 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
L’Aquaciel : 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Admission is free.

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