Marroni Park

Also known as “Macaroni Park”

Brand sparkly new, we previously visited this park about a year ago, and then immediately after, read that it was going to be renovated. Doh!
There was some sketchy equipment here previously, namely the broken and rusty toddler play structure, but I’m curious as to why the big-kid Jambette climber was replaced as it was only 6 years old. Maybe it’s being transferred to another park? I guess to keep the new park consistent. Who knows! Edited! Too funny, it WAS moved over to the fantastically redone Martineau Park

Here’s a “BEFORE” pic:

For the “AFTER”, everything has been wiped out and replaced. There are now two fantastic sections with really elaborate and intricate Jambette play structures for both little and older kids; adult, baby AND the Expression parent-baby swing, new furniture including benches, a large picnic table and toddler-sized picnic tables, a newly paved mini basketball “court”, and some great spring riders.

What did mine go right to? The bright green tractor of course. With two steering wheels, it’s easy to get in and out of and has a wide seat to share with a buddy. Just beside are two cute spring riders (a frog and cow) that follow the farm theme.
The toddler climber has some GREAT ground-level components including the gear wall, and steering wheel, and the new-to-us cow bell. With stairs, slides, binoculars and lots to balance and climb on; it’s a toddler’s delight. DELIGHT!
I really, really enjoy ground-level activity panels because not all kids can (or want to) climb, and they gives the itty-bitty ones something entertaining and safe to play with. 

You’ll also find two baby swings and the parent-baby swing.
Across the…er, aisle, is the space-y big-kid structure. There’s too much to mention, but there’s a ton of stuff to swing from, climb, and two big slides. Underneath is a neat drum panel that some asshats have already graffitied. 
Use your smart phone to scan the QR code and it will give you different ways in which you can use the equipment. 
Other than the bit of spray paint, the park is super clean, colourful, and a lot of fun for all!

Things to note:
-The park is fenced AND gated along three sides, but open at the hill and stairs. BUT, I’d feel safe here even with a “runner” as getting up that hill or stairs is going to be a (slow) feat.
-It is VERY sunny, with no shade over the actual playground.
-Everything is on wood chips.
-Parking is easiest on Avenue Dupras

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