LaSalle Outdoor Gym

I know, I know, it’s not technically a playground. But I’ve got other “outdoor gyms” on the site, so when I drove past this one I thought I’d better add it to the list!

The greenspace and biking/walking paths are part of the larger “Parc des Rapides“, but the gym area is quite a ways east from the bird sanctuary part. You can park on the street at the corner of Rue Gagné and LaSalle Boulevard.

If you want to exercise with a view, this is a gorgeous shady spot. You can bike, get off and flip the tractor tire, do the….other exercise-y things and then continue on your way!

The Trekfit equipment includes:

Barres à push-ups / Push-Up Bars
Bancs courts / Step Benches
Échelle horizontale / Monkey Bars
Long banc / Long Bench
Barres à traction / Pull-Up Bars
Barres à saut / Vault Bars
Poutre d’équilibre / Balance Beam
Barres parallèles / Parallel Bars

You can find more outdoor gyms at these parks:

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