Aldred Park

It was the bright and colourful new toddler play structure at this park that caught our eye.

This cozy little park has two little play spaces (both on wood chips), and features the new climber on its own, and another small play structure, a stand-alone slide, and a couple of big and baby swings. 
The new climber from Playcraft Systems is quite adorable with its ground-level puppet window, easy to climb platforms, small rungs, shorter than usual monkey bars, and a nicely slanted rock-climbing wall. 
Nearby is a picnic table and there are some colourful benches scattered around. 

Steps away is the older climber with swinging steps, a mesh crawl tunnel, monkey bars and a slide. 

While the city’s sign says one of the sections is for kids 5-12, I know my 9-year old wouldn’t have had much to do. I’d say this is much more a toddler park. 

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing along the road.
-Parking is available on the street.
-Not a whole load of shade over the playground though there are many mature trees nearby to sit under.
-There’s a small greenspace, and some fun boulders to climb. 

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