Wexford Park

This pretty little park in Hampstead was both exciting (Ooooh, new cable climber!), and rather disappointing (Booo, nothing for toddlers.)

BUT, since visiting this park late last summer, I read that about 25,000$ is budgeted in Hampstead’s 2018 Budget for “Wexford park project”. So I BET that the toddler section is getting an upgrade too. I’ll come back at the end of this summer to check. 

So for now, there’s a colourful and bright new rope climber that’s intricate and impossible for any parent to get through, but perfect for 5-year olds to scamper into. Attached is a slide.
In the same area are four adult swings and a stand-up spinner. All the wood chips are brand new and smelled heavenly. 

Then….the toddler area (on sand) has two baby swings and a spring rider that no longer “springs”. 

Things to note:
-The gardens are very pretty. That’s important!
-There’s no fencing but the play areas are not near the road.
-Lots of shade throughout the park from mature trees, though the big-kid section was sunny when we visited. 

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