Langhorne Park

Our first foray into Hampstead!
This wasn’t our initial destination, but it being a beautiful spring day, the parks were filled with children. Which is great, except not so great when I’m trying to take pictures without others people’s kids in them 😉

So we wandered around and finally found this colourful playground right on Rue Dufferin with easy street parking. 
There is no fencing all along the front of the park, and the large climbing structure isn’t all that far from the road, so beware of runners. 

My toddler was pretty curious about the rope, monkey bars, and climbing wall course from Playworld, but couldn’t DO all that much. Bigger kids will like competing on who can get around the fastest, or finding new ways to hang, swing, and scale. It’s all on wood chips.

Just beside you’ll find a couple of big-kid and baby swings, and newly added to the sand area is a small toddler climber from GameTime. It’s easy to access with a low platform, mini ladder and small climbing wall up to the tiny slides. My little guy was comfortable and able to handle everything on his own. 

There won’t be much shade here during the day as the large trees are on the north side, but sit around the edges and you can find some respite. 

NOTE: the dog run that used to be at Langhorne Park was moved to Hampstead Park

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