Berthiaume-Du Tremblay Park

What a bleak day. No worries though! Despite the overcast day, we had a good time running around this deserted park. 
Seriously though, the pool was closed for the season, the tennis courts were wet and empty, and our car looked lonely in the parking lot. 
But, made for some easy picture taking!

We trotted past the pool and wading pool, and surprisingly, came across a really great picnic and BBQ area. Fully fenced, this is a nice addition to the adjacent playground. So bring your dinner on a nice dry day.

In addition to the playground, BBQ area, pool and wading pool, this large park also has: Bocce, soccer (on both artificial turf and grass), tennis courts, walking trails, and ski trails in the winter.

The playground is just beside the BBQ area, and kind of within sight of the pool. Kinda.
There’s a new play structure that is pretty tricky to get up, a seat spinner, vertical spiderweb rope climber, and a good climber for toddlers. With stairs, various slides, and ground-level activities, even the littlest should be able to find something to do. 
Nearby are six baby swings and six adult swings.

Things to note:
-If you’re using the pool or tennis courts, there is a parking lot on boulevard Lévesque Ouest, otherwise you’re supposed to park in the lot on Promenade des Iles. 
-The playground is fully fenced, but not gated.
-Everything is on sand.
-There is NO splash pad here, despite the sign on the pool door (I think they’re just generic signs), if you want to use the pool or wading pool, please check directly with the pool as I’m not sure if it’s available for non-residents. Contact details HERE.
-We found a porta potty near the soccer fields. 

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