Buteau Park

I’m going to give Laval a new slogan: “Laval: Never as far as I think it will be.”
Catchy eh?

In another small foray into Laval, Chomedey to be exact, we fell across this tidy little park. Actually, not that little because there’s also a soccer field and an area that’s been kept natural (great idea!)

The big and little kid play areas are right beside each other with perfect sight lines, so having kids in both areas is easy. 
For older kids there’s the really, really hard-to-climb Kompan structure with its vertical climbing wall or tall ladder to get up to the high slide. It is beyond me
You’ll also find a balance skateboard right beside. 
Jump across the path and the toddler area has all the swings (four adult, two baby), some very cute spring riders, a mini hammock thing, and one of our favourite products: the Home/Rescue structure from Kompan. This model has some easy to climb stairs, but the top is a little high so watch the little people. There’s also the curved climbing wall, wheels to crawl through, things to touch and turn, and a slide. 

Things to note:
-There is fencing all along the road by the playground, but no gate.
-Everything is on sand.
-There will not be a drop of shade. 

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