Jean-Guy-Mathers Park (Saint-Eustache)

The good: I had to go around here to pick up a used gazebo cover, so it was a ‘two birds one stone’ kind of day. 
The bad: It didn’t fit. 
The second bad: It took me until the park after this one to realize that my camera had been on “manual focus” mode, and I hadn’t been. So ya, all the pics are a bit fuzzy, and I’m not going back to change them!

Anyhoo, the park.

It was rather fortuitous that we were up here as this park had JUST been redone about a week before our visit! READ ABOUT IT HERE
With all(?) new playground equipment, there’s some fun stuff for kids of all ages. There’s the obstacle course-style climber with its hard-to-get-to slide, the nice play structure with funky metal tubes to climb, three slides, stairs, and a wall activity panel. In the surround sand is a large climbing wall, adult and baby swings, a bright red tandem Generation Swing, and a ride-on ATV and a four-kid bouncer. 
The splash pad is just steps away and features a cool water tower the sprays, a giant pencil(!), tipping buckets, ground sprays, and misty rings to run through. Press the sensor to start the water sequence.

Things to note:
-The park is directly south of the giant Drive-in theatre. Which I’ve still never been to!
-It’s all in blazing hot sun.
-The splash pad hours are 8am-9pm. The water is on from end of May to mid-September (weather permitting.)
-Everything is all together, so it’s super easy to watch kids. Even the splash pad is in perfect sight. 
-The playground is on sand. 
-There is no fencing. 
-A parking lot is to the south of the playground, on Rue Godard. 

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