Raimbault Park

This park is undergoing a multi-phase renovation.
As of spring 2019 the splash pad is complete, musical instruments were added to the playground, and the parking lot and pathways are currently being redone. 

Some other changes include adding water fountains, a new toddler structure, and the park is clean and free of litter (which was apparently a large problem).

We parked on the road and then made sure to walk in the pedestrian lane on our way to the playground. Park Raimbault is situated along the 15km Parcours Gouin network of bike trails and there are clearly marked lanes through many of the parks in Ahuntsic, and from Pierrefonds-Roxboro to Montreal-North. You can read more about it HERE and to see the map and download the app. 

The new splash pad is fantastic! We visited about 2 months ago and it hasn’t yet been painted, so it was a treat to see it so colourful. It’s big, there are tons of products, and a great section for toddlers near the lounge chairs. 

The playground is all on sand and separated into two sections. The play structure for older kids is…ok. With lots of ladders, and metal rungs and some slides. There’s no way up for a too-short toddler so we jumped over the orange concrete bench (?) and played on the almost new toddler climber. 
We hadn’t seen this particular Miracle Recreation model before and we really liked its large “flag” and wide, easy to climb platforms. At ground level is a sand table that could be accessible for wheelchairs, but isn’t, because it’s in sand. But still, it was cute. 
The slide is wider than normal, which my bum enjoyed, there’s a steering wheel, and some little pods leading to the close-to-the-ground rope netting that my toddler LOVED. I think every toddler playground needs this particular piece of equipment. You don’t have to worry about them climbing 20 feet into the air, yet they can still test out their balance and grip. All the kids who were at the park made up their own game with the sand being “lava”, or pretending to be Tarzan swinging from vines. 
The new outdoor musical equipment is super fun, and the Cozy Climber dome is a nice spot to have a break. 

We puttered around the rest of the park, enjoyed chatting with the ducks, peered over the bridge and wandered past the BBQ area and picnic tables. 
At 11am, just before we left, a city worker came and unlocked the chalet so we had a peek at the clean interior and bathrooms. 

Things to note:
-As of late July 2019 the parking lot was still under construction, but street parking is available just on Rue Notre Dame des Anges. But read the signs!
-The splash pad is open mid-June to September, from 9am-9pm daily.It is mostly fenced (as it used to be a wading pool, but has a wide opening right in front of the chalet.)
-BBQs ARE allowed here, but please read the rules HERE

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