Édouard-Champagne Park (Pointe-Calumet)

Just our luck, the splash pad was being turned on a few days after our visit. Argh. 
Double Argh because it’s so pretty, new, and features some cool-looking products from Vortex including the tall spinning Helio Nº6, and the turning orbs of the Luna Nº1 & 2. There’s not much shade here (or any over the playground) but there is a nice shade structure with a couple of picnic tables right nearby.

There are great sight lines between the playgrounds and the splash pad, though from pictures I’ve seen online, this park gets packed! (our photos were from fairly early in the morning.)
The toddler playground has some really interesting products from a company we rarely see. It’s sort of bizarre/fun with faces and lots to touch. Spring riders and a bowl spinner are in the new wood chips, and there’s the most beautiful swinging bench right beside the play area. 
Steps away is the new big-kid climber with logs to scale, ropes and ladders to cross, and a tall slide. In the sand is a large Infinity mobius strip climber, a stand up spinner, and a couple of sand shovels. 
And there’s more!
A couple of funky and modern Kompan play things (Blox climber and a…slidy thing), baby swings, adult swings, and the Generation adult-baby swing. 

Things to note:
-It’s hot. There’s no shade. 
-“Nos jeux d’eau, au parc Champagne, sont ouverts de 8h à 20h.” Touch the sensor on the post to turn on the water sequence. 
-The park is partially fenced along the road. 
-There is a decent-sized parking lot beside the skating rink.
-When we visited in mid-June, there was no bathroom, but apparently one has since been installed near the skating rink (in the shade.)

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