Fewtrell Park

Thank goodness for this park, because the rest of the playgrounds in this area of Kirkland are…less than inspired.

At this cute little neighbourhood park you’ll find two fun play structures (both from Little Tikes Commercial), swings, and some new spring riders.
The toddler climber – shaped like a pirate boat – has areas at ground level to play including a treasure map and portholes to climb through. Up in the “boat” there are stairs, a twirly slide, rope ladder, a small gentle slide, as well as a ship’s wheel and a telescope.

Steps away is the tall and challenging castle-themed climber with windows and battlements. 
There are various ways to get up (no stairs) including a Tikes Peak mountain wall (with animals and pictures on the inside), an Infinity High Climb, a rock climbing wall, and a deck-to-deck bumpy climber. There’s also a rope ladder wall, a high slide, and a small basic hang-on zipline. Both climbers have great attention to detail and there are little things to discover all over the place.

New in 2018 are two spring riders: a shark and the seldom-seen “medieval dinosaur”. We’ll just call it a dragon to stay on theme.

On our first visit here in 2014 we ended up having to leave quickly as the then 2-year old had an epic meltdown because I wouldn’t let him run through the gates to play in traffic. Granted there’s not much traffic around here, but…ya know. So after his 10 minutes of freaking out and throwing grass and tossing himself on the ground (you know what I’m talking about right?!?), we decided to head home for a nap!
Good times.

Things to note:
-The are three entrances to the park, none of them gated, though the streets are quiet and the playground equipment is fairly back from the road. (You can park on Harold, Viger, or Beacon)
-Bonus for people like me with kids of very different ages: both structures are right beside each other.
-The play equipment is on wood chips.

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