Walters Park


That’s about all you have to know. The first splash pad on the West Island, Walters Park is still a popular destination and birthday party location! (Check out the “West Island splash pads” page for more in the area!)

The water section with equipment by Pointe-Claire based Vortex has dumping buckets, umbrella fountains that kids can crouch under and move the water as it cascades over the tops, zebra/horse water cannons, jets coming from the ground and a Bullfrog with gentle spray to run through. There is a sensor on a post that you need to press to turn on the water. It’s all on concrete and surrounded by grass and sand. For some reason kids enjoy rolling around in sand while wet and then running through the water (weirdos), so there tends to be quite a lot of…grittiness underfoot. 

In addition to the splash pad there is a ton of play equipment all scattered around. Right next to the water area is a giant fish-themed Big Kahuna climber by Miracle. This climber has no stairs but older toddlers and big-kids should be able to handle the Honeycomb climbing wall or the bumpy slide. Cross the fish’s “ribs” or swing from the monkey bars underneath. For younger kids, there are two smaller climbers (both with stairs) and they have slides, tunnels, monkey bars, ladders, and a ground level steering wheel.
Run past the big swings and near Lakeshore Road is a fun toddler-friendly ground level structure by Playworld with drums and bells to bang on, steering wheel, a tunnel to climb through and an activity wall that’s been broken for years. 
There are some spring-riders including a small horse and an ATV, baby and big swings, one adaptive swing (on sand), and even though everything is on sand, there is a small sand box.
Under the trees is one of those annoyingly squealy Spring Ring Bouncers. There’s no other way to describe it. It bounces and makes shriek-y metal noises. 

This park tends to be very, very busy and many people host birthday parties on the picnic tables in the adjoining green space. 
There’s tons of parking in the lot just north of the park and there is also a porta potty and water fountain. Large trees surround most of the play areas, which give some shade throughout the day, though the actual splash pad is pretty much full sun.

***My only complaint about this park, is that despite being on a super busy street and having much of the playground equipment very close to the road, there is just a little bit of fencing. This can be tricky when you have multiple kids and one wants to play in the water and the other wants to swing, because everything is very spread out.

***The water at the splash pad is on from 9am-9pm.

NEW VIDEO from 2016. (It was just me and the birds for the opening day on May 26th.. I stood there with my hand poised over the sensor at 8:59am)

Walters Park-Dorval from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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