Neptune Park

I’m pretty sure I’ve driven by this park hundreds of times and have never once thought to stop at it. Despite being beside the service road and the train, it was a decent park. NO fencing of any kind, so watch the little ones as everything is quite close to the street. 
The climber is ok. Older, but with a staircase, tunnel, (filthy) steering wheel, rounded ladder, and a few slides. There is also a stand-alone slide with a fairly frightening ladder. In the same sand area are some colourful baby swings, big-kid swings, a sand digger, a turning rope climber, the Kompan Supernova spinner and a spring-rider. 
There isn’t really a “toddler” area, or “big-kid” area as it’s all sort of scattered around. 
Street parking or there are a couple of spots right in front of the tennis courts. Not a whole lot of shade. We were there around 11 am and the toddler area was in full sun.
There used to be a dep right on the corner, which burned down and might be open again?

Update: NOT a dep. Now an air conditioner store! AND, the spinning rope climber has been replaced with a 3D spiderweb climber, though I haven’t updated the picture. Sorry!

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