Oriole Park

In a very quiet area, this park has a brand new big-kid climber by Playworld with some super cool elements. There’s a spider web to scale, balancing pods to cross, a twisty/turny spinner, a bubble wall, monkey bars and sky wheels; but WHAT is that orange slide and how are you supposed to get down it? My big kid tried going down on his butt and that really didn’t work. He was like “try it!”
Ummmmm, no. I’ll hurt myself. Or throw out my back I’m sure. 
Instead we played a game of “DON’T TOUCH THE GROUND, IT’S LAVA!!!” and tried to go around the whole structure without touching the sand. 

The toddler climber has interesting graffiti that may take some creative explaining (Oh good, it’s since been removed!). My little one really enjoyed wandering around in it and of course “driving” the steering wheel. There are ground-level activity panels with things to spin and turn, slides, a short crawl tunnel, stairs, and a VERY slippery metal ramp. We’ve been to this park many times and even when it’s dry the ramp is hazardous. Of COURSE the little one always wants to go up and down it over and over. Groan
There are a ton of big-kid swings, a new mini zipline, two spring riders from Miracle recreation including a ride-on ATV, a two-person dinosaur, AND a separate slide and monkey bars. Lots to do here and it’s all in one spot with good sight lines. While it is fenced, there is an opening right at the road. There’s also good morning shade and sometimes some impressive plane watching as the big jets fly right overhead to land. 

***Follow up visit Fall 2015: New trees have been planted and the city has replaced one of the four baby swings with the NEW Expression Swing by GameTime. This is a great design that lets an adult swing WITH a baby or toddler. You can check out the video HERE.
We’ve also seen the same swing at Courtland Park in Dorval South.You can find more parks with this swing by clicking on the “Parent-Baby Swing” Tag on the home page. 

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