Courtland Park

This park has lots of equipment, but what is missing is a fence.
I find that Dorval isn’t really big on fencing though, even when on a busy street like Carson or Lakeshore.


We visited late in October and had the place to ourselves for an hour. We’ve been here before during the summer and it’s been much busier with either small daycare groups or the after school program from the elementary school next door.

There are two large climbers, both could use a little sprucing up, but the little guy was happy with them as they were.
The toddler climber has stairs, four slides, a tunnel and nice wide platforms.
The larger climber also has stairs (though steep and high), some big platforms with a large space on the top with a steering wheel and slides going off it in different directions.
Scattered throughout the play area is a stand-up seesaw, a sand-digger, an ATV spring rider, Playworld’s Hairpin Turn multi-sided rock climbing wall, a flying saucer swing, some swinging stepping stone pods, and big and baby swings.
AND, a super amazing tree that is perfect for climbing. Judging by the lack of bark on any of the branches, it’s getting a lot of use!

We stayed and watched the city guys as they erected some of the skating rink boards, and then peeked in the tiny chalet. There MIGHT be a bathroom in there but the door has never been unlocked when we’ve visited.

***Follow up visit Fall 2015: The city has replaced one of the four baby swings with the NEW Expression Swing by GameTime. This is a great design that lets an adult swing WITH a baby or toddler. You can check out the video HERE.
We’ve also seen the same swing at Oriole Park in Dorval North. You can find more parks with this swing by clicking on the “Parent-Baby Swing” Tag on the home page. 

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