Jean-Paul-Bernier Park

My toddler and I both like when he can play safely on a “climber” that is close to the ground. This park has an interesting play structure from Kompan called the Carrier that is only about a foot high and has ropes to climb, a little swinging seat, dial to turn, walls to touch, a little platform, and mini monkey bars. I was actually able to sit down on the grass while he toddled around and explored.

The larger climber is also fun and has a (very steep metal) staircase, slides, ladders, rungs, and TUNNELS! I darted back and forth and he climbed through just in case he decided he wanted to fly down the ladder or stairs.
There was also a separate slide, four baby swings, TEN large swings (?!), and a sandbox (though all the equipment is already on sand).
And surprising for such a small park, there was a water fountain and porta-pottie!
I would visit again with the little guy just for that low climber.
Hard to tell how much shade there would be during the day as we visited around 7pm, but there are huge mature trees around the south edge of the playground.
Note, there is no fencing and the play area is fairly close to the road.

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