Shannon Park

 The last time we played at this park was in 2015, when the little one was still sporting his lime green fleece spring suit and tottering along beside me. Awwwww

Fast forward to 2021, and I brought both twits with me to check out the renovations and the awesome-looking zipline. 

We actually attended the on-site consultation a while back, so we had a bit of an idea what was being done, but it was lovely to see it all in person. 

Ziplines are always a hit with my kids, who seem to delight in arguing about whose turn is next. I like this one’s location in the trees, and I lay on the grass and stared at the sky while they zipped past me. There’s a new bench here to relax on, but trust me, you’ll also want to try soaring along the cable! (Note: A piece of the rubber seat has come off, but I’m assured by Beaconsfield that it is perfectly safe to use while they await a replacement).

The main play area by the chalet has all new equipment including two baby and two adult swings, an adapted swing with 3-point plastic harness, cocoon-like and stand-up spinners (where both kids spun themselves green), and a play structure with log slices to climb, a steep staircase, low-to-the-ground rope to cross, and a really cool triple slide. 
Everything is on fresh-smelling wood chips and those using mobility devices can access by a concrete ramp. 

For those who like spreading out there’s another play structure which made me pause. There’d already been something here previously, but it looked different…somehow. Paint! It was rejuvenated with a fresh coat of colourful paint making it look almost brand new. 

While you’re here check out the surprise in the sandbox (bring your shovels and brushes), and of course, have another turn or seventeen at the zipline. 

Things to note: 
-There is still some work being done on the paths and around the chalet.
-The new chalet has bathrooms, but COVID may again prevent it from opening this summer. 
-TWO drinking fountains are outside! (Again, may be shut off this summer)
-There is a small parking lot in front of the chalet. 
-There’s lots of room to run around in the adjoining soccer field. 

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