Heights Park

I couldn’t pick which picture to use as the cover shot, because there are just so many great spots around this park.

I was very, very lucky to give a teensy bit of input into the design/products in this park, and with some super important parent-input from a local mom *waves* the city of Beaconsfield came up with a great inclusive design where kids of all abilities, and people of all ages can enjoy the outdoors and  play together. Love, love that the city really took into consideration the wishes of its citizens, and worked so hard on a design that includes everyone. 

At this beautifully treed park, you’ll find a great toddler structure with a wheelchair accessible ramp, low monkey bars, fun sensory/activity panels, mushroom steps, braille panels, and slides. Nearby are TWO of my favourite Sensory Wave Spinning Seats, and they’re all on an easy to maneuver poured rubber base. 
Follow the fine gravel path and there are more ground-level panels (love the little gas pump one!), a finger maze, and a super interesting tactile sensory panel that even my 11-year old stopped to touch. 

The raised sand table and wheelchair-accessible sand shovel are centrally located, and the sand table is half in/half out of the regular sand box, ensuring that children of all abilities can play side by side. Great design.

The play structure for “big kids” has an interesting rock wall to climb (and discover all the little critters), accessible stairs, double slide, ladder, and ground-level drums. Steps away is the AWESOME Revolution Inclusive Spinner that was full of kids during the grand opening. Both my kids love merry-go-rounds; partly because we rarely see them, and because they also love to try and fling the other off. This particular spinner has good transfer points and enough room for an adult to hold a child in their lap. 

And then…there’s the amazing tandem Expression Swing™ Universal with its adaptive seat; the first that I’ve seen outside of a catalogue. Amazing. 
Make sure you also don’t miss the trampoline (!), the roller table (great for sensory stimulation and upper body strength), the awesome Trekfit Bamboo Jungle which both my piglets love, and head on behind the chalet for more Trekfit outdoor fitness equipment. 

There are also tennis/pickleball courts, new bocce courts, and tons of benches and wheelchair-accessible picnic tables so you can bring your dinner and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the nearby soccer field. 

Things to note:
-Parking is available in the small parking lot just off of Evergreen Drive.
-There is a chalet with bathrooms and drinking fountain, but I’m not sure of the opening hours. 
-The lights for the basketball/skating rink are near the chalet. Turn them on manually.
-There is no fencing around the actual playground, but it is wayyyyy far back from the road. 
-There is also a small forest here to explore and some good shade. 

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