Highridge Park

Just reopened, this playground is now as nice as its surroundings, with all new equipment and park furnishings. 

You’ll find a very cool and modern play structure for older kids with lots of challenging ways up to the slides, overhead bars, and the NU-Edge X Plank Climb which we’ve only seen once before at Vinet Park in le Sud-Ouest. I really liked the two ground-level activity panels including the very pretty and new-to-us Slide-and-Solve panel that is at the bottom, because if you’ve got teeny ones with you and they can’t catch up with their big siblings, they have something interesting and interactive to play with. 

Run across the central greenspace to the toddler area and swings on the opposite side of the park. 
There’s another cute Miracle Recreation climber with stairs, logs steps to climb, a “wooden” ladder, double slides, and some great ground-level play things including a drum, abacus-type thingy, and funky musical blocks. 
(The railing for the stairs isn’t installed yet, so there’s a panel blocking access at the top. Patience, it’s coming. )

In the sand is the cute snail spring rider (that seems like it’s installed a tad high for little ones), and two big and two baby swings.

Things to note: 
-There is no fencing.
-It’s a one way street, careful!
-Don’t park on people’s lawns.
-Shade is minimal, but it also depends on the time of day. 

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