de la Seigneurie Park (Châteauguay)

What a beauty of a park!
Walking up, I thought for sure this park was brand new, as it was super colourful, bright, and in perfect condition. But, it was actually installed in 2014, so it’s definitely aging well 🙂

The little one was in love with this park’s space theme and twittered about checking out the toddler side, the big-kid side, the toddler side…ad nauseam. 
Both play areas are right beside each other and only separated by some grass and the benches in the middle, making it easy to watch kids of all ages. 
I loved that both play structures by Jambette have stairs, so even little kids can safely access the taller slide in the big-kid climber. 
Toddlers will love the steering wheel, cute astronaut who’s peeking at them, ground-level window ledge, little climbing wall, and the star spring rider. Nearby are two baby swings and the amazing Expression tandem swing. 

The rocket ship play structure is awesome. There were a couple of older girls playing on it and they were doing a timed circuit as they swing from the bars, crossed the rungs and steps, and ran up the stairs and down the slide. Peer through the telescope or have a break in the top of the rocket!
Super fun. 

Things to note:
-Both play areas are on wood chips.
-There is no fencing, but the playground is set back wayyyy off the road. 
-There was some shade over the toddler play area, but the other side was in full sun.
-Lots of greenspace to picnic or run around on. 

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