Bourcier Park (Beauharnois)

We were lucky that it was a beautiful day, because everything from the drive, to playing at this park, to the gorgeous and surprising view of downtown Montreal was just delightful. DELIGHTFUL!

I don’t know that I’ve ever been to Beauharnois (my mom must know. ?), but I’ll for sure be returning. We zipped down from Pointe-Claire and took Highway 30, which cost 2.80$ at the toll booth, but it was so quick and easy and only took about 25 minutes. Follow the GPS, navigate the roundabout, and you should easily find this park which borders the St. Lawrence River. Also, drive slowly, it’s right beside a daycare. 

Redone in 2016, this park boasts a beautiful water location, great views, space to run and picnic, a lit tennis court, playground, a nearby boat launch, and this super-d-duper nature-themed splash pad. 

The splash pad features different zones for different ages, though even the “toddler” area has really tall water sprays, and pretty forceful jets. It took us about 5 minutes of wandering around and staring at the ground before we finally found the “on” button. I’m so used to seeing them on the ground, or on a pole that I completely missed the little button on the post of the tall green flower stem. So it’s there, but quite hidden!
Some of the sprays need to be adjusted after the winter, as some benches were getting completely soaked, so for now watch where you put your dry towels. 

The rest of the park has been updated with a modern and fun Jambette play structure with some challenging ways to climb, a tall slide, and ground level ants to bounce across and a musical rain stick you can turn. Toddlers might find it too difficult as the easiest way up to the slide is probably the tall ladder. 
There are also new adult and baby swings and some old-school monkey bars. 

A couple of things here still need some TLC, including the bit-of-an-eyesore chalet, which seems like it should have bathrooms, but was totally locked up. And the nearby skatepark seems to be missing most of its ramps and doodads. 

Things to note:
-According to this page, the water is on from 9am-9pm.
-There is some fencing between the playground and the road, but none at all beside the road/splash pad and the parking lot. 
-Many benches and picnic tables surround the splash pad. 
-There’s no beach or way to access the water, but the view is lovely. 
-There is very little shade.
-The chalet was locked, and no signs that there’s even a bathroom inside. I did spy a porta-potty way off in the distance near the boat launch, but it’s quite a hike.
-There is a small parking lot right beside the splash pad on Rue Bourcier. 

parc Bourcier – Beauharnois from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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