Alphonse-Télesphore-Lépine Park

After playing at Saint-Michel Park, we zipped around the corner to Alphonse-Télesphore Lépine Park. Cursing the lack of street parking, we circled, and circled, and finally found a spot that “may” have been ok to park at. (It wasn’t).

So, keeping one eye on the car, we set about exploring the playground. I’m honestly not sure if I liked this park. It was clean, there was decent equipment from GameTime that wasn’t too old (installed in 2005), and an interesting art/splash pad combo. BUT, it was all sort of faded, the splash pad was basically a shower, and we found one of the most dangerous things we’ve seen at a park.

The park is fenced, but with open gates, and has the toddler and big-kid sections (both on wood chips) on either side of the park. We started off by lounging in one of the wooden “effoiroirs” made by Les Ateliers d’Antoine. While I could have lounged a while, I was told to “Come play!” and instead got to contort myself into the Berliner rope climber. I love that it connects by a rope bridge to the play structure. Though it was too tricky for the little one, older kids should enjoy the triple slide and metal ladders and rungs. 

Past the big-kid swings, we came to some colourful art. Funky with a kind of 70s hippy vibe, we were all “that’s cool” and then realized it was the splash pad. Huh. 
“Is dat a shower?”
“Ummmm, no. It’s the splash pad.”
Because seriously, while it’s pretty neat looking, it’s really a shower head and a little concrete basin. So sort of a shower/puddle combo. Bring along some shampoo and save on your after-dinner bath time!
Yes, yes, I’m being mean. Sorry. Some water is better than none. 

Baby swings were off in their own little section, and then we got to the toddler play area. With stairs and ladders and low-to-the-ground platforms, my little one was able to climb up and down and access the slides and stepping stones. He enjoyed the ground-level puppet theatre, and the little seats where I got to sit and watch his show. 
While hopping across the black pods, I noticed something sticking out of the mulch, and poking my shoe around uncovered two metal stakes which must have previously anchored more pods. 
Metal Stakes.
Imagine the damage those could cause someone falling onto one? (Email has been sent to the city)

We visited the park just before the leaves burst open, and while there are some large trees around the park, I think there will probably be limited shade over the actual play structures. 

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