du Boisé Park

This park has two large climbers, swings, two cute ride-ons, a nice forest with trails (NOT stroller friendly), and now open is the VERY impressive splash pad. We first visited this park in the fall of 2014, came back mid-summer of 2015 to check on the progress of the splash pad, visited again at the end of September 2015; and now in June of 2016 we’ve seen it with the water on!
And of the 50 or so splash pads we’ve seen to date, this one is one of the BEST.

Tessier Récréo-Parc did a heck of a good job with the design and layout of this water park. It is very nicely landscaped with grass areas, concrete “pavers’, and the actual water areas are on a bright and colourful rubber base. 
The splash pad with products by Waterplay Solutions Corp is divided into two sections; one for bigger kids, and one for toddlers. There are water canons, Twist ‘n’ Spill dumping buckets, rings to run through, cascading water off of “leaves”, and ground jets. We love, love, loved the Puddle features which you can splash through, and jump on. They’re like every kids’ dream.

The toddler section has rocks, a ladybug sprayer, and scaled down misters. There’s also the cute “Charlotte” spider dangling from blades of grass and who sprays water from both sides of her body. My toddler, who does NOT like water splashing down onto his head, was completely content with the bubbling jets, and turnable sprayers. From the middle (dry) section you can watch children in both areas. 

On the edges of both areas are a trio of permanent lounge chairs where you can sit down with a contented “sigh” (or an exhausted *thump*). There are also a few benches (though not enough and not super close to the water), TWO table tennis (ping pong?) tables, AND……a permanent TSECHE bathroom that is wheelchair accessible. Hooray!
The bathroom was locked while we were visiting, BUT there are two porta-potties right beside the soccer fields, and next to the playground. 
Only thing missing is some shade and I really, really hope that they build a fence as the splash pad and the playground are VERY close to the road. And garbage cans. We only saw one and it was overflowing. 

The playground has the same equipment as our last visit but has had a mini facelift with some new concrete borders and asphalt walkways, and there are now some picnic tables near the soccer fields. All the equipment is on sand. We played on both climbers and tried out the car and plane spring riders and ALL the swings. 
The big-kid climber has stairs, slides, tic-tac-toe, nice big platforms and three different kinds of monkey bars.
The smaller (though still large) climber has stairs again, though the first step is super high. There is also a tic-tac-toe, slides and big platforms. It’s like the mini version of the big one.

p.s. the playground and splash pad are on du Boisé street. Though there are a bunch of access points to the park, you’ll have to park and walk through the woods to find the playground from anywhere else.

p.s. After TWO YEARS of trying to get an answer from the borough, they have finally told me that the water is on daily from 8am-10pm.

du Boisé Park and splash pad – Pierrefonds-Roxboro from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

You can check out the new pictures in the gallery (though the forest pics are from last year 🙂 )

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