Saint-Michel Park

We braved the early morning Metropolitan (I HATE that highway, there shouldn’t be exits on the left!) and headed east to visit some parks in Le Plateau/Mont-Royal. Parc Saint-Michel in Mile End was our first stop and a great intro to the borough with a really interesting playground/splash pad combo that just DELIGHTED the toddler. 

We found a parking spot right in front of the open gate (but read the signs carefully), and were right away impressed with the play equipment, the rubber-based splash pad, and…the “beach”!

While there isn’t really equipment specifically for toddlers, my 3-year old tried out the products from HAGS, including the walkway of balls, the ropes and ladders, and pondered just WHAT to do with the yellow glider. (You can climb up, slide down, or figure out another way to use it!). There is also a log roller, a balance board, and the annoying hand and foot peddler that are basically impossible.
“You try it mommy!”
“Oh, please no.”
Bored with my efforts to master the damned thing, he toddled off to explore the rubber-covered mound that is just a little too steep for short legs. After rolling down it a few times, he figured out his balance and was a proud mini mountain climber!

In the middle of the park are tons of benches and off to the side are a whole whack of picnic tables, including toddler-sized ones. 
We passed the two big-kid swings (there are no baby swings) and pranced around the splash pad. We were there a week too early and the water wasn’t yet on, but according to the city it IS now 🙂

The splash pad with Aquajeux products features a dangerous crocodile, a ginormous frog, ground jets, a spraying flower and misty tunnels to run through. It’s all on a rubber base and surrounded by low concrete walls (with many openings) and with benches close to the action. Maybe TOO close, so watch out if you don’t want to get wet! There’s even a toddler-sized picnic table within the water area. 
And THEN, past a little hedge, is the CUTEST little “beach” area! This is the only spot with sand and someone had left a few sand toys scattered around so I got to lounge in the beach chairs under the umbrellas while the little ones puttered around. 
Such an adorable park. 

It was pretty overcast when we visited, but there are some large trees so there should be shade in different spots around the park, though perhaps not RIGHT over the play areas. 

You can find the splash pad info HERE. The water should be on daily from 9-9.

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