Jacques-Blanchet Park

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s our favourite. But, there’s a small splash pad. 

I don’t know, this park could be a lot better. The playground equipment is aging and bland, the grass everywhere needs some TLC, and the benches and older picnic tables need to be sanded and painted. Or replaced.

There IS the nice shade structure with three wheelchair accessible picnic tables that were added in 2013, but besides that, I don’t think anything here has been touched in decades. 

The two small play areas, both on sand, have play structures for toddlers and big kids. There are also adult swings, baby swings, and some old-school seesaws that guarantee a cracked jaw. So fun. 

Anyhoo. No one enjoyed it much. If you want a GREAT park, visit the nearby parc Lalancette. It’s awesome. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad should be on from 8am-11pm.
-There’s no fencing at the road.
-Everything is on sand.
-It’s used by a lot of daycare children, hence why there’s only a terrible picture of the toddler climber. Also, it should be redone SINCE it’s used by so many daycare children. 

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