Louis-Riel Park

There was some great equipment at this park!
I don’t know the history, but it looks like quite a bit here has been updated as all the benches, tables, and paths looked newish. 
And the playground equipment is bright, colourful, and in good condition. 

We started at the playground (naturally), after finding easy street parking just in front on Avenue de Carignan. And while there were a ton of daycare groups at this large park, they were all running around the soccer fields nearby. So the empty park made for easy picture taking.

Both the toddler park and the big-kid area are quite near each other, with great sight lines. The toddler play structure is large with stairs to an itty bitty slide, crawl tube, a bridge, more slides, ladders for different abilities, and TWO steering wheels. In the sand below are two great race car spring riders, and four baby swings.

Hope across the path and there’s the BIG big-kid structure. This is much harder to climb, but it’s not for toddlers so whatever! Tons of ladders and rungs, a mountain wall to scale, a tall twirly slide, and even a short hang-on-with-your-arms zipline underneath. I can’t do that kind, I feel like my arms will rip out. Must. work. out. more. 

In the surrounding wood chips are a few saddle seat spinners and an odd stand-up seesaw. 

Things to note:
-The playground is partially fenced, but there are no gates and is open to the rest of the park.
-There was some shade over the playgrounds when we were there midday.
-Benches and picnic tables are right near the play areas.
-Hallelujah, there’s a porta potty! (It was between the playground and the soccer field.)
-There’s also apparently a chalet with bathrooms here, but we didn’t explore the whole park to find it. I *think* it’s near the tennis courts. The borough has its hours as:

Chalet de parc – 
Parc Louis-Riel
Vendredi au dimanche – 7 h à 23 h
Lundi au jeudi – 8 h 30 à 23 h
-Tennis info can be found HERE

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  • Akm says:

    Don’t forget that Louis-Riel play a lot in these structure during school time. Every mid-day you found them playing here

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