Delorme Park

This was our second major Saint-Léonard park of the day, and we were more impressed with the (new) playground and splashpad at Ferland Park than here. BUT we liked this park, as a whole, more!
While the playground and splash pads are fairly small, the outdoor fitness course, sledding hill, walking trails, greenspace, new skatepark etc at Delorme are really great.

We parked on Rue de Honfleur and walked past the still-open-in-November chalet to the splash pad area. It’s not fenced and is in a rather awkward spot right next to the path. The play equipment is by Quebec-based Aquajeux and features two hard to turn water cannons (a pirate and a colourful fish), a spray arch, a new-to-us pirate mast sprayer, and a concrete turtle with jets on his shell. Sorry, no video, it was freezing! And November. 
There’s not much place to sit or store towels except for a couple of benches on the path, but there are two permanent umbrellas for shade and two more benches near the gate to the playground. Maybe there are picnic tables in the summer under those umbrella shades??

The playground is…small, with some very industrial Frost fencing. There’s just one gate to enter, which is nice and safe, but it all has a Dog Run sort of feel. Strangely, there are NO benches inside the fenced area. While the concrete borders and fence seem fairly new, the equipment is not. 
Set down in the sand, there are two play structures, baby and big swings, three spring riders for the younger kids (or their moms!), and a large spinning rope climber.
The toddler climber by GameTime doesn’t have any stairs, but there is a small rock wall and a “pod” to access the not too high platform. Older kids can also just step up.
My little one liked the bongos, the climbing wall with different shaped cutouts, the little slides, and the wall panel with things to turn.
Close by are the three metal spring riders, a stand-up twirler, and two baby swings.

Just a short distance away, and separated by a tiny bit of grass (and some baby trees), is the large climber that has roughly five thousand ways to swing, climb, and cross. There are sky wheels, monkey bars, metal rungs and ladders, and a spiral slide. No way for the little one to get up but he was content to play on the spinning rope climber. “Faster mommy, Spin me FASTER! Pwease.”

After playing for a bit, we walked behind the playground, checked out the impressive fitness course (I counted 15 different stations, all complete with instructions, and some for more than one person), then we climbed the sledding hill, walked around the gazebo, saw the huge sundial, checked out the great view from up high, and THEN walked back down. Phew! Hard work when your legs are short. (His not mine!)
This summer Saint-Léonard won the prize for «Bonification des infrastructures et équipements sportifs, récréatifs et de loisirs» in a contest organized by Défi Santé 5-30 Équilibre. The prize was in recognition of the new zone for adolescents which includes a brand new skatepark, basketball courts, and two permanent ping pong tables. You’ll find all the new equipment right off Boulevard Robert.

Things to note:
-The splash pad hours are from 9am-8pm.
-The playgrounds are on sand and are fully fenced and gated.

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