Henri-Lafleur Park

This is a small park with a fully-fenced playground, and a super shady wooded area nearby.

You’ll find a play structure, two adult, one baby, and one adaptive swing.
The structure has a variety of slides, stairs, a pommel climber, ladders, and monkey bars. Strangely, the structure was installed WAY too high, or there’s simply not enough wood chips underneath as the first stair is a huge step up, and the bottom of the slides is was off the ground. Something to note if you’re visiting, especially with smaller kids. 

There are also swings, plus the adaptive swing, but like most of Ile Perrot’s other parks, there’s a tall border around the whole area, making it impossible to get close with a wheelchair or walker. I wouldn’t call this an accessible park. 

Things to note:
-The play areas are on wood chips. 
-The playground is fully fenced and gated (with two gates)
-The nearby woods may make it buggy. 
-There’s a picnic table right beside the play structure, as well as in the woods. 

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