22e Avenue Park

What the heck is going on here?

This is like, the coolest, worst, best, most bizarre park ever. What?
Well, there’s some great, albeit totally dangerous retro playground equipment that I’ve never seen before. 
So it’s so cool to see, but I was also like:
“Don’t sit there, you’ll get cut by the paint chips!”
“That’s rusty and not anchored!”
“Why don’t these swings have ANY safety surfacing under them?”, “Why isn’t all of this other equipment on safety surfacing??”
“Why are there random pieces of metal just sticking out of the ground?”

So ya, it’s like awesomely awesome to see some retro stuff, like the bizarre stairs/slide thing, and the metal elephant climber, but there is just too much here that is in rough shape. Like really, don’t sit on the benches. But then there’s a nice new picnic table. 

BUT, then you’ll also find some newer equipment, like the brand new multi-generational tandem swing (which is unfortunately, on dirt. Not safe); there’s a super fun bus spring rider that my little guy loved; a small play structure with seats, stairs, and steering wheels; and a curved yellow climbing wall. 

I dunno, it was all so weird. I’d just wipe it all out and keep the good stuff and make some sort of a cohesive park, rather than this piecemeal mess. 

Things to note:
-This park is super hilly, and it completely un-wheelchair-friendly.
-The park is fully fenced, but with an open gate.
Some parts are on grass/dirt, some parts are on wood chips, a lot is just on dirt which is SO unsafe that I don’t even know how this park is even open. 
-It’s weird.

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