des Colibris Park

This park is the cutest.
Nestled between houses on a quiet street, this small toddler park has a colourful and interesting Playworld climbing structure; two baby swings, one adult swing, and one adaptive swing. 
The play structure has easy wide stairs up to the little slide, funky plastic climbers, tactile panels to learn numbers and colours (in French, Spanish, and English), and a small drum. It’s like a Dr. Seuss drawing come to life. 

What caught my eye when we first drove up are the tallllll poles with adorable birdhouses attached. Just underneath are interpretive panels with the pictures of birds you might see at the park. Take a walk along the winding gravel path in the park, or travel across the wooden bridge behind the playground to access walking trails along the power lines. I *think* these must be ski trails in the winter but I couldn’t find a good map to check for sure. 

On our second visit here we were lucky to spot monarchs, painted ladies, and tons of moths and lady beetles flitting about in the bushes. 

Things to note:
-There is no fencing.
-The play structure and swings are on wood chips, and there is a small sandbox just beside it.
-A drinking fountain is right near the swing. Fill up if you’re going to go for a walk!
-Benches and a nice clean picnic table are right near the play area. 

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