Joron Park

Thanks to a StrollerParking reader who suggested this park, because it isn’t listed on Pierrefonds’ website, AND it doesn’t show up on Google Maps (my trusty park locator). So, this park has no name that I can find. I christened it Joron Park after the street it’s on. Original. 

What a delightful little playground this is! It’s not large, but it’s packed full of some interesting equipment from GameTime and includes musical instruments, spring riders, and climbers for toddlers and big kids. As well as loads of central benches. 

My toddler was thrilled with the ground level semi-circle of musical instruments based on traditional African and Caribbean instruments; it includes bongos, a calabazoudus, ashikos, and djembes. (I had to look all those up!). “We can do a whole band!”
I especially enjoyed my rendition of Twinkle Twinkle played on the ganzas. 
Just beside is the toddler climber with metal rungs, stepping stones, and a slanted climbing wall to get up to the wavy crawl bridge (so cool and the first time we’ve seen it used this way), and the higher slide. For small guys, there’s a ground level steering wheel, gizmos to turn and spin and a small slide. He went up, across, down, up, across, down, and then “drove” to the next town. I was instructed to “Sit dere please.” with a dismissive gesture towards the slide. I’ll consider myself lucky I was permitted to go along on his imaginary trip. 

Across the central courtyard with its benches, whimsical hand fence (see the pictures), and towering poplar trees (my favourite!), is the larger climber. 
Tricky for little kids, bigger ones will be able to scale the rock wall, the Triton trio of rings, go across the monkey bars, and climb the ladders to the high slide. There’s also a stand-up spinner and swinging pods to cross. A couple of items were broken including the steering wheel panel (which was missing the steering wheel), and the telescope which was missing its protective cover (so watch those eyes on the metal). 

We trotted back and forth between the two playgrounds and only left because it started raining heavily. 

Couple of things we (I) noticed:
-There’s no fencing at all
-There is minimal shade, especially on the toddler area, which was full sun at about 11am. The other section has some shade from the poplar trees. 
-Everything is on sand. 
-And there are no swings! I didn’t notice until I was editing the pictures, but there was enough other stuff that we didn’t miss them at all. 

And, only thing that bugged me here? It’s got some great accessible items (the music, steering wheel, puppet show panel, gizmos…) but they’re all in sand, making them NOT accessible to those with reduced mobility. 

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