Georges-Rufiange Park (Léry)

While driving between Beauharnois and Châteauguay the other week, I decided to take the 132 instead of getting back onto Highway 30, and just happened to chance on this adorable park!
Though I usually map out beforehand where we’ll be going (because the kids loathe just wandering around), this was a nice surprise along the way to our next stop.
Situated right off the 132 (it backs right onto it), this would be a great spot to stop for a picnic or for a little play if the kids are stir-crazy in the car.
Also, there’s a Dairy Queen just up the road!

Almost fully fenced, but with one open side, it looks like this park has recently had quite a lot updated.
There’s fresh aromatic wood chips, a lovely gazebo with picnic tables, and a giant Adirondack chair that always make for great photo ops.
In the play area is a ton of equipment including:
A funky and modern seesaw, a Mobius strip/infinity climber, a tall and looooong slide, baby and adult swings, a tire swing, stand/sit/hold-on spinners, and the super cute caterpillar climber. 
There’s also a basketball court that turns into a winter skating rink.

To read more about Georges Rufiange, click HERE

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