des Roseraies Park

Redone in 2013, the playground at this park has all new equipment for toddlers as well as big kids. 
There’s a lot! And it’s all adorable!

I don’t think I can list all of the different pieces and doodads that make up the two play areas, so I put lots and lots of pictures in the photo gallery below ↓

Know that both areas are great for both toddlers and big kids, with lots to climb, cross, swing from, and scamper across. Toddlers have some challenging bits, while still being able to use the easy-to-climb stairs, or play at ground level if they’d like. 
If you have kids of varying ages, this is a great park for you as both sections are right beside each other, and separated only by a looooooooooooong picnic table. 

Both areas also have an adaptive swing, and there’s the neat wheelchair-accessible swing that we’ve seen in other Anjou parks.

Things to note:
-There is no shade over the playground.
-Both playgrounds are on wood chips.
-A drinking fountain is right nearby.
-I did not go over to take pictures of the pool or chalet, but you can get more details HERE. You’ll also find tennis courts, baseball, and a community garden here. 
-Street parking is available near the tennis courts, or park in the small lot by the pool. 

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