Hamilton Park

Newly redone, the playground at Hamilton Park has a ton of play opportunities for kids of all ages. 

The youngest toddlers will love the just-their-size playhouse that is utterly adorable. With a little play garden, doorbell, and bbq, there are tons to touch and turn. Unfortunately, the whole play area is on sand so some of the interactive knobs and doodads are already clogged up and don’t move much. Wood chips would have been a better ground surfacing alternative.

Nearby is a little quiet spot with a couple of seats and a shade/roof that will supply shade for about 1 minute a day. But, it’s cute. 

The smaller of the two play structures has a clubhouse-like feel and has three slides, stairs, a slanted rock wall to climb, and rungs made of “logs”.

Then….there’s the super-cool giant climber with multiple levels to crawl up and through. A challenge for older kids, there is a tall rope wall, rungs to climb, and a long double slide. Parents (like me) might not fit through the interior platforms which might be a problem if your little one gets stuck. Mine used to get “stuck” constantly in the big cable climbers and I’d have to contort myself to get up and guide them out. Anyhoo, this is cool and fun, and very different. 

In the rest of the park there are baby swings, adult swings, a Generations tandem swing, and an adaptive swing with harness. Many of you know how I feel about inclusive swings on un-accessible sand. Ack. Cities, just stop doing this.

All in all though, a lovely new park with some interesting play products for a multitude of ages. I’d be happy to have this as our “home” park!

Things to note:
-Street parking is available around the park. 
-There’s a drinking fountain.
-No bathroom or porta-potty.
-The playground itself is basically full sun, but the rest of the park has gorgeous mature trees and gardens and lots of shady spots. 

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