Bernini Park (Brossard)

It was almost perfect!

This playground is super creative, has a cute “explorers” theme running throughout, and is crazy fun!
The bright orange nautical-inspired fencing caught our eye as we drove up, and was an indicator of the attention to detail throughout this park. Both the big-kid and toddler section have adorable and interesting play structures, there are three smaller sections that double as “islands”, and the park has a parent/child fitness track around the whole park and green space. 
The whole thing is so well designed that I did a few laps while the kids were playing just to take it all in.
Perfection? Almost! I’d say the only thing that some people might find missing (if you have a runner), is kid-safe fencing around the whole perimeter.

Both play areas are right beside each other and with excellent sight lines. The wooden boardwalk/dock running through the middle adds to the whole marine feel and is such a nice touch. 
The larger play structure has a fantastic stairway up to the slide, rubber walkway, and the adorable map/ship’s wheel/telescope. Gah, so cute!
While the stairs are fantastic (and rarely seen on “older” kids equipment), children can also find more challenging ways up and across including the rock wall, monkey bars, and various kinds of ladders. 
In the sea below are some bowl spinners, a hang-on! spinner, and four adult swings.

The toddler area has two baby swings (could probably use more), a seesaw, and another cute ship. Again, there are great stairs up to the slide and the same map/ship’s wheel/telescope, as well as a cannon for shooting at your brother down below. 
Look around and you’ll see all sorts of details including a salamander under the slide, and try your luck with the spinning treasure wheel while running around finding the images throughout the climber. 
If that wasn’t enough to play on, follow the wooden walkway and there are three little areas with some unique play equipment: A huge boulder to climb, the Cozy Cocoon spinner, and a pretty flower climber. 

I put a lot of pictures in the gallery, because there is so much to see!

Things to note:
-There is some decorative fencing around some of the play area, the rest is open. 
-Benches and concrete borders/seats are near the playground.
-Take a stroll or walk around the whole park to try out the exercise benches with their instruction panels. Or you know, sit. 
-To read more about the renovations, you can click HERE

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