Vanier Park (Brossard)

“Mommy, control yourself!”
I just couldn’t help the squeal of glee as we drove up and I saw this new-to-us Greenville treehouse
This forest-themed playground was entirely redone in 2016, and still looks new and shiny. The older kid section has the adorable treehouse duo, with two tall wood-sided towers, a slide, and plenty of ropes to climb. Nearby are a couple of adult swings.

For toddlers there’s a cute play structure with “wooden” rungs, a woobly climber, little pods to climb or cross, and the rocky wall up to one of the slides. There aren’t any stairs, so the littlest ones might have trouble getting up. Nestled into the wood chips is an adorable raccoon spring rider, and nearby are two baby swings. There’s also a small sand area that was filled to the brim with daycare kids, so no there are no pictures of that part!

Toddle over to the small splash pad and you can frolic under the water coming down from the tipping flower, or run through the spray from the cattails. Press the button on the pole to start the water sequence.

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing, and the toddler park and splash pad are a bit close to the road.
-Both play areas are on wood chips.
-The city posts the splash pad hours as 7am-9pm. You can read more info and updates at THIS LINK
-This park also has: a pool and wading pool, beach volleyball, an illuminated four-season outdoor ice rink, soccer fields, and a natural hill/amphitheatre. 
-While there’s a chalet at the pool right, which is right near the splash pad and close-ish to the playground, I forgot to check about bathrooms. I’m sure you can beg to use it during the summer. 

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