Couvrette Park

This little playground on rue des Jardins-Sainte-Dorothée is great for toddlers who love climbing, spinning, and sliding. 
There’s a tall twirly slide, a small rope spinner, seesaw and bouncer, as well as big and baby swings.
The centrepiece is the elaborate Kompan play structure that has both challenging and easier ways to get up to the top and the slides. 

There are also some instructional signs with games to play and ways to incorporate physical literacy into your park time. 

Things to note:
-We only visited the playground, and didn’t venture behind the pool or across the street to the tennis courts, baseball/softball, mini soccer fields, sketchy basketball court, or outdoor pool. You can find more info HERE about those facilities.
You can also follow a path south to the “Berge Couvrette”.
-Street parking is available or there’s a small lot by the pool.
-The park is fenced along the road (but not gated), and is completely open to the parking lot/basketball area.
-There’s some shade, and picnic tables and benches for a break. 

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