des Muguets Park

Another evening of wandering around and park exploring brought us here. And we had a great time!

With both kids in tow, I needed a park that had the big and little climbers near each other, and this park was perfect.

And though neither of the newish climbers from Landscape Structures have stairs, the toddler climber does have some fun ground-level activities including a Rock-n-Ring Panel with bongos on one side and and bells to whack on the other. He also enjoyed playing around with the mini conical climbing wall, though he couldn’t actually get anywhere. I hoisted him up the Pod Climber stepping stones and he was able to play with the steering wheel panel and go down the slides. There are also some shorter than usual monkey bars which are great for little arms.

Between the two climbers is Landscape Structures Stand-Up Seesaw, and a two-person Orbiter where you can stand on the spinner base and hang on overhead.

My older guy enjoyed the big climber, though he was unable to get up the tall Cliff Climber, even with the rope to hold onto, so he couldn’t try out the slides. He had fun with the spinny things including the Gyro Twister Spinner, and all the other ways he could act like a monkey including the horizontal trapeze ladder and the swinging pods to cross. 
But you know what was missing? Swings! First park we’ve seen without them. Not a terrible thing, just different.
We really liked the newness of everything here and that there was shade. But…I doubt there’s shade during the middle of the day, just because there are no trees on the south side of the park.
There’s a small greenspace right beside and a path that goes the whole way around. There were some kids having fun doing laps on their skateboards and some ladies taking an after-dinner stroll.
All in all, a relaxing and fun time.

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