John-Weir Park

Picture from our first visit here way back in 2014, when he was only three beans tall!

Partly renovated in August of 2019, this park has all new toddler play equipment, and luckily for us, what was installed are some of our favourite products for little ones.
All from Landscape Structures, there’s the adorable Motion climber from Landscape Structures which is packed with all sorts of activities for little ones. It’s easy to climb up using the crawl tunnel, the wide steps, or the mini ladder. There are bells to ring, marbles to turn, the alphabet and numbers to discover, bongos to drum, and even…a car race track around the roof! And of course, once again we’d forgotten to bring toys cars. Argh. 

In the fresh wood chips are a couple of colourful spring riders which you can ride alone, or with your shrieking brother. “GET OFF!”
There’s also a saddle seat spinner, the Cozy Dome® for a quiet break, and the Wee Planet™ Climber (“That is definitely Saturn! Definitely. Because I’m a space expert.”)

The rest of the park has stayed the same. There is a very high big-kid climber from Jambette with lots of ways up including a rock-climbing wall, a steep ladder, a Spider Web, and the Jurassic Climber.
The two sides of the climber and the two slides are connected by a cable bridge that had all the cables covered with tape. 
My kids looked thoroughly dubious, but I assured them the actual metal cables underneath were strong. But ya, I think this needs replacing or at least some replacement parts. 
To round out the equipment, there are some ONE teeth-breaking old-school teeter-totter, a metal climber with four coats of paint, and baby and big swings. 

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing at all and while there are some towering pine trees around the perimeter of the park, there’s not a whole lot of shade (or any) over most of the play areas.
-This park smelled like camping (the trees?) and was really relaxing and quiet while we were playing.


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