Josaphat-Demers Park

Late November and it was beautiful and warm out! After a trip to the nearby Carter’s store to get matching Christmas PJs for the boys (a must!), we wandered around behind the mall and came across this sunny park. 

With a good toddler play structure that my 7-year old happily explored, and a GIANT rope climber that he scaled enthusiastically, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. There’s nothing like warm sun when you’re expecting to be wearing mitts!

There’s no fencing around the play areas and it’s all fairly close to the road, so you’ll want to be careful if you have a runner.
The toddler climber from Quebec-based GO-ELAN has stairs, crawl tunnels, metal rungs and ladders, multiple slides, steering wheel, a dinosaur tic-tac-toe panel, and at ground level is the cute “computer” window. 
In the surrounding sand is a motorcycle spring rider, and a couple of bench/tables including Kompan’s Starfish table. 

Closer to the middle of the park is the SUPER TALL Corocord rope climber. With its first rope level quite high off the ground, it’s really meant for older kids and my 3-year old wouldn’t have been able to get up at all. Which is fine, because this is it in terms of equipment for older kids. 

Since it was quite late in the season, the swings were gone, but there are either six baby swing and four big-kid swings or vice-versa. I don’t know why some municipalities take down their swings in the winter, but I’m happy that ours doesn’t, because we use them year round. 

Bonus here? There’s a water fountain!

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Fenced toddler park
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Big kid park (5-12)
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