Saint-Martin Park

We saw this park on such a gloomy day, right at the beginning of spring, so forgive the complete lack of greenery, as there are actually some great fields here to run through, and beautiful trees!

This is a large park with two very, very separate playgrounds, a basketball court, baseball/softball, mini soccer fields, pétanque and three tennis courts on acrylic. 

The toddler playground consists of a small play structure, spring riders, and a sand shovel. Travel way up the path and there’s a tall Kompan climber with stairs up to the slide. And that’s about it in terms of playground equipment!

Things to note:
-Parking is available in the lot on Rue Ferrand, as well as street parking.
-There is a chalet near the middle of the park, with posted opening hours on the door. 
-A drinking fountain is also available near the chalet.

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