St.-Charles Park

A nice little (hidden) park that I had to drive past twice. The first time I thought “Oh, just a greenspace”, then turned around and caught a glimpse of something in the back.

St.-Charles Park has an awesome toddler climber from Quebec-based Jambette, and I love that there are activities at ground level as well as room above to toddle around. With an easy to maneuver staircase and a secure bridge to cross, the little one had a great time on this shiny and colourful climber. There are also slides, and mini rock-climbing walls to scale. At ground level is a xylophone panel, and a little tunnel to climb through. 
In the same sand area are two baby swings and two Bobble Rider spring riders from Landscape Structures.

Just steps away and within eyesight is a giant vertical spiderweb all on its own, some more baby swings and big-kid swings; and then, just beside the small kid section are TIRE SWINGS, and the larger climber from Landscape Structures. No stairs, but there are a few climbing ways for larger kids to get up to the slide as well as sky wheels and a “hang on!” Orbiter.

This is a cute and quiet park that is set nicely back from the road.
There is a (pretty awesome looking) daycare that backs onto the park as well as an elementary school. We were the only ones there at 10am on a Monday, but I’ll bet at some times of the day it’s hopping with kids.

p.s. You CANNOT see the playground from the road. Park on Rue Harold and follow the path. Also, hard to tell about shade as it was totally overcast on our visit, but there are some trees on the outskirts of the playground and scattered throughout the park.

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Fenced toddler park
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